Why Mr.Brain said UFQ A7 is Overall better than Boxx UFQaviation

Are you looking for a good quality ANR aviation headset?

Are you looking for a light weight aviation headset?

Are you looking for a VERY comfortable aviation headset which suit for long time flying?

Are you looking for a Nice aviation headset but with VERY resonable price?

UFQ A7 ANR aviation headset could be YOUR BEST Choice!

Very light weight only 11.5 aunces (325 grams)

Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time

With Bose standard ANR function 

Use 2 x AA batteries, two new batteries can work more than 48 hours

Some customers said 2 new batteries even can last 1 month

The mic boom can be rotated by 360 degree so the microphone can be used for left or right side

Premium noise cancelling electret microphone ensures crystal clear communication every time

dual volume controls on the control box

MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible with link cable included

Always enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality for the music

Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.

With Mono/Stereo Switch 

Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or travelling use. 

A Free good quality headset bag is included for each headset!

Now let's see these reviews from our customers for your reference.

All these reviews you can find on internet  

1) Brian---- Overall better than Bose

5.0 out of 5 stars August 31, 2018 Verified Purchase

I have 5 ANR headsets for use in my Turbo Saratoga and my 1946 J-3 Cub. My primary headset has been the Bose for many years. I was looking for a used Bose to keep in the Cub and happened on the UFQ A7, the full retail of which was lower than any used Bose, so I bought it. The light weight, increased comfort in summer temperatures, and the fact that it doesn't slip over my forehead when I lean forward, just blows the Bose out of the water. Most important of all, with my age-related hearing loss, ATC instructions are much clearer than with the Bose. The UFQ has replaced the Bose in the Saratoga. Flew 4 hours hard IFR with it today, with instrument approaches at each end, and I'll buy another one for the Cub.

2) Bill Peterson----Great headset, comfortable and quiet.

5.0 out of 5 stars December 6, 2018 Verified Purchase

I had been using the Bose A20 in a Cessna CJ 3+, but my new assignment to a straight CJ3 required me to purchase a new headset. While the Bose A20 was a great headset, I decided to give the UFQ A7 a go, and I am very happy with this headset.

On the plus side, this headset is noticeably lighter than the Bose, and is very comfortable to wear for long periods. While the noise cancelling may not be quite as good as the Bose, it works great and I have no complaints. After a day of use, I left the noise cancelling switch on when we left the airplane. We did not fly the next day, so that switch was on for more than 40 hours straight. I continued to use the headset for another 5 days of flying, and the batteries are still doing the job. The volume control takes 2 AA batteries.

The volume control works well, and has both a stereo and a mono setting. In the airplane I was flying, the stereo position only sent reception to one earpiece, but that was fixed by selecting the mono position which worked great.

The included bluetooth device works well, it paired to my iPhone without problem, I was able to make phone calls or listen to AWOS via a phone number, or Pandora. The bluetooth device is plugged into the volume control using a 1/8" jack, see picture. While not as clean as the integral bluetooth on the Bose, it does work.

One small issue that I haven't figured out yet is the sidetone volume, but this is perhaps a problem with the airplane audio panel and not the headset. When I transmit, the volume of my transmission is roughly the same as my reception volume, rather than the normal softer volume. I find this somewhat annoying, as I can't differentiate between my transmission and my intercom, so I don't get the confirmation that my transmission is going out, vs staying within the intercom.

Overall however, I am very happy with this headset.

3)Mojo J----Excellent Headset... Exellent Value...

5.0 out of 5 stars April 22, 2018

Very nice and lightweight headset. ANR works well. Very very good value. Will buy 2 more for the family. very nice. 

5) justin P Blair----This is an exceptional headset

This is an exceptional headset. Very light and comfortable. I mainly fly a hawker 800XP. And it work great in that airplane. Batteries last a long time. For th price it is probably the best you can get. I own about every headset on the planet. I was in a pinch and needed one ASAP while on the road. I figured give it a shot. Worst case I could return it. But that won’t be happening. Was also surprised by a Bluetooth dongle and audio cord added in package. Works great too! Love having my music on long legs. Very nice case as well. For the money you really don’t get much better.

6) Mark Kennett ---It works as advertised 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Using in an enclosed gyro

Works great

7)Silence Dogood---Excellent Headsets!

Very pleased with this product. I am a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor and have been using these headsets for several weeks now. On average, I'm flying about 4-5 hrs per day. The ANR really works well, intercom and radio communications are crystal clear. My only criticism is the leads from mic/phone jacks could be longer. The volume control unit hangs from the cables. Its not a big deal really. Many of my students have the Bose A20s, These are much lighter and comfortable.

8)Shashi ----An excellent alternative to the expensive Bose headsets

5.0 out of 5 stars July 11, 2019 Verified Purchase
Have had the Bose a while, and using this, I can not tell the difference in performance at all. Is also MUCH lighter and feels good. Have not used the bluetooth and other features but sounds good so far, about 21 hours of in flight use since I bought.
5.0 out of 5 stars January 26, 2019 Verified Purchase
As good as Bose and a third of the price.
5.0 out of 5 stars April 6, 2019 Verified Purchase
Edited Review:
I wanted to add that I used the aux port serveral times and it confused me at first but this is a wonderful function. (I used audio cable. Not the bluetooth connector that comes free with the headset) When you plug into the aux port, the volume control now becomes a FADE adjuster. So you may be upset with the quality of music or sound if you don't know what you're doing. Once you're connected. Volume UP means 95% Radio 5% Music and Volume down is 5% Radio 95% Music. So this means, you control the overall max volume by adjusting your Radio at Volume Up. Then go Volume down and adjust your max volume on your music on your phone. So when cruising with Approach, you can generously listen to music and when you hear your tail number, you simply fade the Radio over the Music and hear with better clarity. Hope this helps! Still 5 of 5 Stars folks.

Original Review:
I was skeptical of the decibel reduction at first. I havent messed with noise cancellation for about maybe 10 years. And that wasnt impressive back then. But I went from using PNR David Clarks at school to these ANR A7s and I literally put batteries in at school and jumped into a plane. The ANR dropped my mouth open as I hit the switch. With old PNRs you have that “Sea Shell Effect” (where you hear the ocean) and when you put on the A7s you hear it too. But when you flip the ANR on... you enter that scene in a thriller movie where you hear nothing. Obviously when you turn on a plane, yes you can hear it, but the effectiveness this brand provides will most definitely protect my hearing for the time that I will use them along with a much slimmer design and lightweight composition. For anyone looking to buy themselves their first headset because theyre tired of borrowing the flight schools, which often are slobbered on by the last goon, I assure you that these are much nicer than any old PNR set you will ever put on your egg.
Rfergie77----Great headset
5.0 out of 5 stars February 11, 2019 Verified Purchase
Great headset the only negative thing is the long cord. Use your tie wrap to take up some extra cord so you don't do what I did and close the door on the cord. They still work so that's a good thing.
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TSB---Peace and Quiet
4.0 out of 5 stars January 6, 2019 Verified Purchase
I am a student pilot with about 20 hours in a noisy 172. I have been using Clarks PNR headsets, that left my ears ringing after a few hours of flying, and made ATC sound like they were talking through tin cans connected with string. I can barely tell I have these on, ATC is clear is a bell, and substantially less fatigue after flying. I would give 5 stars, but the included case is very cramped, which causes the wires to bend and fold at sharp angles. I hope that does not cause issues down the road. My CFI has a pair of Lightspeed Zulus. After checking out my UFQ's, he would have opted for those if they had been available when he made his purchase.
13) MX Shopper

1 Kommentar

Nov 16, 2023
K BRown

I just read the previous reviews and would agree with all the positive statements regarding the A7.
The ANR is equal or better then the A20 in my opinion, and when you consider the price, well, the A7
is my favorite. I’m especially impressed with UFQ’s customer support as my first A7 had a technical issue and
they (Jack Wang) responded, every time, in a prompt manner. I ended up getting a free replacement A7 with no shipping charge.
I have several other headsets but they are spares as the A7 is my first preference. I fly 5 days a week so the headset gets used.
I plan on buying another and give 5 stars to UFQ.
K Brown,
50+ flying years

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