paramotor helmet headset for 2-way radio helmet headsets YUENY PH-4000F

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paramotor helmet headset for 2-way radio helmet headsets YUENY PH-4000F


Use this paramotor helmet headset for 2-way radio headsets YUENY PH-4000F
if you're building your own paramotor helmet or two way radio helmets with comms.
Headset based on 3M PELTOR 101 type earmuffs, with noise cancelling microphone.
Spiral and shielded cable to prevent interference's,
with specific connector depend on the model of your radio (walkie) included in the price.
These hulls are especially dedicated to paramotor pilots
thanks to their light weight, their weight and their reduced price.
Screw on helmet system Latest generation anti-noise shell Hull locking and unlocking system
Filter perfectly engine noise Kenwood compatible radio equipment
Spiral cable of professional quality.
Flexible microphone rod Hull mounted transmit button left and right
Microphone with high noise attenuation Connectors Kenwood by default
The YUENY brand series headsets are dedicated to paramotor pilots
who need to communicate by radio but who do not joke with the health of their ears.
They can, in option, be converted into a paramotor headset (integrated radio system).
or if on the ground can be wide open without need to remove the helmet.
The headset can be supplied assembled on Free Air Com or separately,
ready to install on helmet (compatible with most paramotor helmets on the market)
We use only the finest headsets, and we mount them perfectly onto the helmet.
We can apply the electronic apparatus for any type of radio equipment,
including the professional headsets.
The advantages of wearing a headset fixed to the helmet the ear cups
can be flipped upwards or aside quickly and easily on the ground
you can thus hear normally in the air you can ventilate your ears whenever you like.

paramotor helmet headset 2-way radio helmet headsets PH-4000
especial designed for paramotor helmets and 2 way radio helmet
suit for most of popular paramotor helmets helmets or 2 way radio helmets
which need headsets to be installed


paramotor helmet headset for 2-way radio helmet headsets YUENY PH-4000F

paramotor helmet headset PH-4000 with flexible boom heavy duty headset for two way radio
need to be installed on the paramotor helmet

*ABS Plastic Earshell are Noise Canceling.
*300 degree adjustable flexible boom mic
*soft touch 1.000.000 cycle sealed PTT button
*Each ear cup has PTT button
*Powerful Neodymiun Speaker.
*Universal 5-Pin Radio Port.
*Quick Release Cable Connector Port for easily attaching cable to interface with any 2-Way Radio.
*Coiled cable contain high intensity Kevlar is very firm and endurable
*Spiral Shieldling redices RF interference.
*Scanner/iPod/Music Port.
*foam mic cover protects from moisture and debris.

Volume control attenuation 15dB
Frequency range 200Hz - 6000Hz
Sensitivity 101dB/1mW In-Put

Frequency response 300Hz - 8000Hz
Source resistance 220 ohm - 2200 ohm
Dynamic noise cancelling microphone or electret noise cancelling microphone

choose which connectors for radios 
We have many different types of radio connectors include ICOM & YASUE aviation band radio cables 
We also invested lots of money for MANY kinds of radios include ICOM and Yasue aviation bands radios.
Eevery helmet will be tested carefully before the shipment.
For the details you also can check with this link

paramotor helmet headset for 2-way radio helmet headsets YUENY PH-4000F


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