Why SO LOTS of pilots love this headset-UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite aviation headset UFQaviation

As our experience pilots DO NOT like the pilot headsets 

with these features 

1) Too noisy can hear lots of noise in airplane 

2) Too heavy it is really uncomfortable for long time fly journey

3) Too tight when wear over the head 

4) Too hot in the Summer or too cold in the Winter 

Now with UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite aviaiton headset you can always enjoy long time fly joureny 

1) With great noise canceling reduction function  24dB ANR + 22 dB PNR

    could ONE of the BEST ANR in the world!

2) Super light weight ONLY 175g in weight 

3) With Behind head type band so always no infulence pliots' handsome hairs 

4) In ear type headset with 2 different kinds ear tips and each kind with 3 different sizes so Always can choose one pair suit for you 

5) Always feel comfortable whether in hot or cold weather 

Besides these 

UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite aviaiton headset also have these features 

Use 2 x AA batteries, two new batteries can work more than 48 hours

Premium noise cancelling electret microphone ensures crystal clear communication every time

dual volume controls on the control box

MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible with link cable included

Always enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality for the music

Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.

With Mono/Stereo Switch 

Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or travelling use. 

A Free good quality headset bag is included for each headset!

Now let's see these reviews from our customers for your reference.

All these reviews you can find on internet  


M. Sean

May 14, 2019

In my 30 years and 15,000 hours of flying, seems I've always been searching for the perfect headset. Most recently I had the David Clark DC Pro-X. It's an excellent headset, and fairly comfortable, but after a few hours you really want to get the weight off of your head and pressure off of your ears. Most conventional headsets have similar issues. Because of the discomfort, many pilots at the airline I fly for end up taking their headsets off at cruise. That's fine, but then you have no hearing protection. (It may not seem that loud in the modern airliner cockpits at cruise, but bring a decibel meter one day and measure it - you might be surprised!) I really wanted something so comfortable that I could wear all day, and not have to take them off until I'm parked at the gate.

I was hoping the new Bose ProFlight would be the answer to my quest, but the reviews were pretty mixed, and you're still wearing something over your head. For $1,000, there were too many downsides, based on reviews. I nearly bought some Clarity Aloft headsets, but they're so pricey for a non-ANR headset, and reports indicate they're not very durable.

I saw the UFQ L1 and was intrigued. I had previously purchased some of UFQ's conventional over-the-ear headsets for light airplane flying (mainly for my family / passengers), and was impressed with the quality for the price. So, I was about to buy the UFQ L1, when I saw the L2 was coming out. The ANR put me over the fence. Basically, you have the form-factor of a Clarity Aloft with the ANR of a Bose, for a fraction of the price of either!

As of this writing, I've done a few 3 and 4-day trips with them on the A320, and so far I absolutely love them! Great sound quality, excellent noise reduction, and super-comfortable. One of the things that causes hearing damage is when people have to turn up their headset volumes so loud to hear ATC over the cockpit noise. The L2's noise reduction is so effective, I ended up having the L2's volume control all the way down and the airplane's audio control panel all the way down too, and I could still hear ATC loud & clear.

The only thing I noticed that's less-than perfect is, when the engines first spool up for takeoff, there's a subtle, repetitive "wooshing" noise, presumably as the ANR attempts to adjust to the sound change. But, it only lasts for a few seconds, and it's not bothersome. The rest of the flight is essentially perfection.

When you first get them, you may need to adjust the ear hooks to best fit your head. For me, the tips of the ear hooks were kind of sticking out, so I had to bend them inward. The metal is surprisingly strong, so you'll probably need a couple of pairs of pliers. I'd recommend removing the rubber coating over the wire before using the pliers. I didn't do this and ended up chewing up that coating. Luckily, UFQ provides an additional set with more padding, so I just swapped them out. Go to YouTube and search "UFQ L2 unboxing" and you'll see a video of a guy showing how to do this. [Edit]: I asked UFQ if they could send me some new "thin" wire covers to replace the ones I messed up. They sent me some new ones for free! Anyway, after trying them both, I decided I like the thin ones better. The thick ones offer more padding, but the thin ones take up less room behind your year, which is especially important if/when you wear glasses or sunglasses.

Once in cruise, when you don't need to talk to ATC as much, but you still want hearing protection, you can drop the hooks off of your ears and just wear it around your neck. Then it's just like wearing earbuds, no weight pressure anywhere!
2)  July 20, 2019
I was honestly skeptical about this. I fly an RV8 sometimes up to 8hrs in a day. At 2500+ rpm its very noisy. That wasnt my only problem. Wearing a headset all day every day was making my ears hurt from the clamping action. I had a basic headset and it wasnt cutting it. My friend has an older Bose with noise canceling and it was much more comfortable and much more quiet than my old headset but after a while my ears started hurting again. I really thought in ear headset would address both my issues so I took a gamble. Did one flight so far and obviously my ears dont hurt because nothing over your ear. The noise canceling is definitely better than the Bose no question. I gave it 5 stars because it exceeds anything Ive ever used by far including headsets costing 3x as much. With that said I have a few minor annoyances to iron out. The headband behind your head takes a little getting used to. When I move my head up and down it moves causing the mic to move. I might just need to adjust it better. Also I noticed with the bluetooth adapter thats included the volume for music is not super impressive. I had my phone at max volume, bluetooth adapter at max volume and still not loud enough. I removed bluetooth adapter and connected cord instead and volume is way better. The over sound quality is excellent. I cant remove any stars for those minor issues because this headset still far exceeds anything Ive used to date.
3)  July 27, 2019
All in all great product. It’s lightweight, comes with a carrying case. I am a professional airline pilot since 1987. Lately I did a few 6 hour plus long legs and had to re-adjust the position of the buds only 2 or 3 times. The hooks come with additional padding and you can take them off during cruise. You will have to reposition the mic, of course. I never had to set the volume above 2 and a half. My personal choice are the foam buds, very comfortable. I will review the durability later, as I only have them for a few weeks now. But I like them so much, I will buy another set for my son, a newly promoted A320 captain. These can be bought from the seller with factory installed plugs of your choice- GA, Airbus, helicopter and with a left or right mic position. The mic can not be swapped to the other side later, though, you have to live with your choice. Safe flying to all.
4)  August 17, 2019
I've been flying for a few years and this is my 6th new headset I've bought. It's totally awesome and you won't be disappointed. It's way more quiet than my other ANR headset. Very comfortable and ears don't sweat on a hot day. Works best if your wife is yelling at you. Can't hear anything.
5) July 2, 2019
Awesome Headset! I don’t realize that I’m wearing them. The funny thing is that my flight instructor uses Clarity headsets which are twice as expensive as mine but mine sound just as good. The only feedback I have is for the cords to be shorten. I fly a Cessna 172 and I have to stuff the excess cords in the side pocket. I will be buying another set for my wife when I pass my checkride.
6)  August 14, 2019
I use this headset in both of my flying environments, general aviation and commercial airline pilot. The noise cancelling is not as good as the earmuff style headsets which I did not expect it to be, but it is much more comfortable. I liked it so much I actually bought a second one to use in my general aviation airplane.
7)  June 9, 2019
Great headset, very lightweight. Very loud volume (need to keep it below 3 in order for radio traffic not to blast). Really good noise cancellation. Bluetooth works, but is a little clunky (and can come unplugged easily).
8)  July 10, 2019
Great headset so far 2 trips in. Protective case a bit tight so you have to keep bending the wires tide. I hope it lasts with all the packing and unpacking.
9) July 22, 2019
Pretty good and nice price for airline pilot!!
August 12, 2019
Operator agrees 100% these are legit! A+ A+ a+
11) Adam Bial
Hi Jack, 

I just wanted to say thank you for the headsets, they are awesome.

I have been flying corporate aviation 16 years and this is by far the best most comfortable headset I have ever used.

If you have any pilots in your product development team I would love to get involved if that is possible.

I have told many pilots about your product so hopefully a few of them are starting to purchase your equipment. 

The only thing that I would improve with the headset is if you could add in something to reduce the audio input when radiocalls are coming in, I have heard some headsets with Aux input have a way of prioritising main over aux, which could be helpful at times.

If there was also a way to make the section with the batteries and volume controls slightly more robust and attractive that would also be good. 

But all in all its an excellent product and something that I am pushing to all my friends as well as a few comments and recommendations on facebook.


Client Aviation Manager / Captain VP-CYZ

TAG Aviation Asia

24th Floor, Harcourt House,

39 Gloucester Road,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Positive feedback rating Responsive and helpful seller.

13) tackleshackle
Positive feedback rating great transaction
14) jet2flyblue
Positive feedback ratingGreat seller, no problems, delivery quicker than expected, nice product.
Positive feedback ratingGreat seller, no problems, delivery quicker than expected, nice product.
Logistics: Fedex IE
Received the headset very quick and hassle free, perhaps in 9-10 days after placing the order. The box contained everything and the headset looks and feels wonderful. Tried on the noise cancelling just wearing it at home and seems to be working fine thus far. I’m a 737 Capt and will be trying these in the actual cockpit and would again update on realtime usage very soon. 08 Aug 2019 19:17
Ok so used these for a few flights now. Loving em. Noise cancellation is excellent and comfort is great too. Would love to see tap to listen feature in the next upgrade. A must have super cheap alternative to the Bose ProFlight in my opinion, especially for noisy pressurised aircraft like the B737.
Logistics: DHL
Fantastic ANR! Comparable to (slightly exceeds) the Bose in the ear model. I am using these in a King Air 350 and CJ3. Extremely comfortable even on 3-4 hour legs. Previously I was using the UFQ non-ANR headset and it has held up for 3 years of daily multiple plane swaps and legs. I'm hoping for the same durability with these. The included bluetooth adapter works well for music, but not for telephone calls. If you pick up your clearances via telephone, you might want to know this ahead of time. Quite frankly, this is the best headset I have ever owned. 

18) R***z MX

Logistics: Fedex IE
Excellent audio quality and very light, recommended! 

19) A***s SG

Logistics: DHL
Excellent noise cancelling headset. Comfortable. Fast delivery as well. Thank you Jack.

20) K***l

TH Logistics: Fedex IE
very nice sound 





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