UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite in ear aviation headset compare to XXXX Proxxxxxt pilot headset

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Side of mic boom:
Left side mic boom
GA twin plugs or Boeing connector Battery Powered

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Product Information

NEW  UFQ ANR L2 Earphones Hi-Lite in-ear aviation headset Active Noise Reduction aviation headset

One of the best in-ear type ANR aviation headsets in the world!

Note Please: this item not suit for VERY NOISY airplanes, for very noisy airplanes we suggest use UFQ A7 or A28

If batteries low will still work as a ANR headset
If batteries off will still work as a PNR headset!

UFQ aim at delivering maximum value to our customers for their investments and ensure that our clients get a high return on investment when they choose us!

Why SO LOTS of pilots love this headset-UFQ ANR L2 Hi-Lite aviation headset

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Check UFQ L2 Unboxing

UFQ is proud to announce the arrival of our new in-ear ANR aviation headset, the UFQ L2 Hi-Lite.
The L2 Hi-Lite might be the best in-ear ANR headset in the world,
and surprisingly it sells for a fraction of the cost of the "premium" brands.
You owe it to yourself to take a look.

Important NOTE:

We also have a right side boom microphone for this item.

If you need right-side boom please leave us a message for this 

Otherwise, we will send the left side boom as default 

New ANR L2 Hi-Lite - Compare to or Better than XXXX Proxxxxt

It is the result of our R&D team years hard working and continuous improvements.
Very light in weight and comfortable - ONLY 175g in weight
Really great active noise canceling ANR function-The same Level with the famous brand

Super comfortable for long time wear, let you enjoy flying all the time

Use 2 x AA batteries, two new batteries can work more than 48 hours

Premium noise-canceling electret microphone guarantee crystal clear communication every time

Dual volume controls on the control box

MP3/Radio/iPod/iPad Compatible with link cable included

Always enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality for the music

Link cable for Cellphone or mp3 included.

With Mono/Stereo Switch 

Professional ANR aviation headset on the plane while Great ANC headsets for home use or traveling use. 
A good quality headset bag included for every headset. 

A Free good quality headset bag is included for each headset!

Each headset includes 6 pairs of ear tips in order to meet different requirements from pilots

3 pairs silicon rubber ear tips ( Small, Medium,Big)
3 pairs memory foam ear tips ( Small, Medium,Big)

ear tips for UFQ L2 ANR aviation headset
ear tips for UFQ L2 ANR aviation headset-2

We have different connectors for this item 

1) GA twin plugs or Boing connector Battery Powered
2) Helicopter U174/U single plug Battery Powered
3) Airbus 5 pin XLR male Battery or Aircraft Powered (New feature)
4) Lemo 6 pin male Battery or Aircraft Powered  

Usually, GA twin plugs as default

Note please:
When choose Airbus 5 pin XLR male or Lemo 6 pin connector
besides battery powered the unit also can be powered via aircraft directly.

If you want another connector please leave us a message when you make the order 

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