About us-UFQaviation

UFQ is a professional Manufacturer!

UFQ staff with more than 15 years experience in aviation and communication,

Active noise canceling and audio.

UFQ was found with a simple belief that all pilots and passengers alike should have access to their own quality headsets or accessories at affordable prices.

We are pleased to supply our customers products with Good Quality at Good price and with Good Customer service!

Why UFQ enter into the market of aviation headsets?

In the year of 2005, one of my good friends from US who is a pilot asked me to help him to source a good quality aviation headset similar quality with Bose or David Clark in China

Then we spent almost one year to source, but still could not find.

In the meantime we learned that big brands such as Bose, Lightspeed and even Sennheiser sell so high  for these headsets ( more than USD1000)

At that time we had an idea that in future we will make our own brand aviation headsets the similar quality with these big brands such as Bose, Lightspeed,David Clark But sell at around 1/3 prices of these big brands’.

After years hard working and continuing development finally we can supply some items can compare these big brands such as

1) UFQ ANR A7 (small boss A-20) the same level ANR, but much lighter in weight only 0.25kg,and more comfortable for a long time wearing.

2021 new version with more durable cable, a better way to put into the bag for more durable


2) UFQ ANR L2 pilot headset -compare to boss proflight the same level or better level ANR,but but much lighter in weight only 0.17kg,and more comfortable for a long time wearing.2021 new version with more durable cable,each wire with kevlar inside even shield wire


3) UFQ ANR A28 Top Sky StudioANR aviation headsets pilot headset-compare to David Clark ENC headsets, customers comment this is the best headset among DC ENC headsets and DC clones,great ANR effect with great sound quality when listen to music.only 0.6kgs in weight. Super comfortable.


4) UFQ PNR P28 Top Sky Studio aviation headsets pilot headset-compare to David Clark PNR headsets, customers comment this is the best headset among DC PNR headsets and DC clones,great PNR effect with great sound quality when listen to music.only 0.55kgs in weight. Super comfortable.


Now UFQ P28 free with bag and bluetooth adapter

This headset really a good headset for a starter.

For more products please check this link


All UFQ headsets with 3 years warranty, ear seal and mic foam with one year warranty.

For returns and warranty time please check this link


As our experience most proportion of our customers they like or love using our headsets.

But some customers they do not use our headsets at right ways even thought we emphasize MUST read the user manual carefully and completely before using your headsets.

But still some customers contact us and said that only one ear can work or the microphone can not work. Then we will tell them these again see below

Common Questions.

Why can I hear in only one side?

Your headset is compatible with both Stereo and Mono aircraft avionics.If your headset is set to the incorrect setting for your aircraft, hearing will be lost in one side.

Why do I need to yell to activate the microphone?

Your avionics’ squelch setting must be adjusted.It is common for every pilot to change the squelch setting just like adjusting the volume.Please consult someone who is familiar with your airplane’s avionics if you cannot locate the squelch knob or button.

But still very few customers did not contact us for these,just leave us very bad reviews said the headset can not work.

So to all dear customers,if you have any questions or problems before buying or after buying please feel free to contact us.

Send email to sales@uflyquiet.com or Whatsapp/Wechat:+8613615749662

We are appreciated customers buy our products.

We do work to meet customers’ requirements first.

We do value the reputation of UFQ brand.

We do try to our best do make our customers happy.

Yes, we are a young brand compare to some big brands.

And I believe that the market for the aviation headset need some new brands who can supply good quality products and sell at pilots affordable prices.

So UFQ was found with a simple belief that all pilots and passengers alike should have access to their own quality headsets or accessories at affordable prices.

UFQ staff will continue to invest some new products to meet customers’ new requirements

Again if you have any questions just feel free to

send email to sales@uflyquiet.com


Happy flying!

Jack Wang

Owner,UFQ aviation