Nirvana instinct 200CC NS200 125cm paramotor propellers carbon fiber YUENY

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Product Information

Nirvana instinct 200CC NS200 paramotor propellers carbon fiber YUENY
2 blades 125cm diameter 

YUENY carbon fiber paramotor propellers powered paragliding props 

UFQaviation is a sub brand owed by YUENY

Why choose YUENY carbon fiber paramotor propellers?

For more details (show with more pictures) please check this link

YUENY carbon fiber props with the features as below
Safe, Strong, Light weight, Fast,
Quiet, Fuel savings, Good heat dissipation!
With more than 15 years Great experience on carbon fiber paramotor propellers 
also we research competitors very well.

We are VERY confident to say that YUENY carbon fiber paramotor propellers
are the BEST cost-effective carbon fiber props around the WORLD!
more than 10 thousands of pilots use YUENY carbon fiber paramotor props NOW!

--THE TOP 1 world's strongest carbon fiber propellers
--One of the TOP 2 world's lightest propellers=VERY responsive
the other one is E-props
--One of the TOP 3 world's leaders in paramotors propellers
the other two are Helix and E-props

the details see below 
FREE Shipment via EMS or other courries 

such as DHL,UPS, Fedex,TNT and ect on 

YUENY carbon fiber paramotor propeller powered paraglider propellers-Good quality!

Please Note: there is one another supplier called skyhero
This supplier COPY helix BUT WORSE quality than helix
Also skyhero COPY the weight dates from YUENY.
these weight dates are not TRUE for skyhero
as YUENY props are much lighter than Helix ( skyhero)

OK,let's do a quick compare YUENY props with Helix ( skyhero) propsYUENY props use full carbon fiber and with Unique beam structureHelix ( skyhero) only the surface use carbon fiber and inside use fiberglass

That's why YUENY props is much lighter weight than Helix ( skyhero) but much stronger than theirs

It is very important to fly with a light propeller, 
with high reactivity, less gyroscopic efforts, less vibrations and 
far better functioning of the engine.
So why YUENY carbon fiber props so Light?
Yueny carbon fiber props use full carbon fiber and unique honeycomb technology
Besides One of the TOP 2 world's lightest propellers=VERY responsive 
Yueny props also THE TOP 1 world's strongest carbon fiber propellers
Ultra-Light and Strong : how is it possible?
first we use full carbon fiber material 
second YUENY developed unique beam structures into carbon fiber propellers, 
Increase in strength much more

Other YUENY props Unique outstanding features 
1)YUENY Unique D-BOX and I type beam structure 
can ensure Anti-twisting stability at high speed spun
2)Leading Edge with strong reinforced designed structure
YUENY blade with internal leading edge protection
against stones impact or other projectiles, and sometimes against erosion possibly generated by rain and sand
3)Thickened, solid composite paddle handle to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire blade
4)Yueny props Unique Large angle and Large area design for the root of the props Which effectively improves the propeller's push efficiency and increases the thrust, At the same time to ensure good cool to the engine
5)Yueny props Unique with a multi-layer carbon fiber layer structure to 
maintain a pneumatic form factor area while maintain strength and reducing weight
6)The top YUENY propellers are at affordable prices

We aim at delivering maximum value to our customers for their investments and ensure that our clients get a high return on investment when they choose us!

Yueny props have many different types for widely choice so can be your one-stop shop for paramotor propellers 

That's why we are very confident to say that 
YUENY carbon fiber paramotor propellers are 
the BEST cost-effective carbon fiber props around the WORLD!
YUENY props == Your good & right choice for the carbon fiber paramotor propellers!

All orders with FREE Shipment via EMS or other courries such as 

DHL,UPS, Fedex,TNT and ect on 

after order please leave us a message or contact our service person for the reduction ratio and hole details for your engine.

If your engine is not on our list please contact us for your engine detail,so we could custom for you

If your order more than 6 pcs
then you can contact us for dealer price.
Whatsapp: +8613615749662

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