How to stock your UFQ A7 inside the bag in order to make it much more DURABLE!! UFQaviation

Chers tous les clients de l'UFQ A7 !

Afin de prolonger la durabilité de ce casque.

Veuillez vous assurer de placer le casque à l'intérieur du sac de cette façon !


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Nov 16, 2023
Pinaki Bhowmik

Purchased one A7 headset after going through the onlinereviews. Was initially apprehensive about the quality and international delivery. Ordered it online, delivery was express and received the set within 15 days. Have used extensively. Have to say a great product at great price. It’s actually pointless buying an expensive headset like Bose when this set gives you the same features at 1/3 rd the price. Headset is really comfortable and the ANR works great. Maybe, it doesn’t have matching quality of a Bose, but why spend so much when a quality headset can give you the same a very competitive price. The customer support service was also great. Highly recommended.

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