Peltor Helmet or headset to Offroad wiring adapter P-OF


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Product Information

Peltor Helmet or headset to Offroad wiring configuration adapter P-OF YUENY
Item number: P-OF
Peltor female white to Offroad male blue

Convert your Peltor configuration helmet headset to Offroad wiring standard

Suitable to convert a Peltor/Bell wired helmet headset for
use with PMD Enduro Pro, PCI, Racer X intercom and communication systems

Kelvar reinforced durable use for long time without any problem
Shielded for superior protection
from radio (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference
2 part tough molding

Connect  Peltor Helmet Kits to OFFRAOD Jacks using this adapter cable.

Simply connect the WHITE Jack to an Peltor cable and the blue cable
into an Offroad style plug and you're ready to race.

White --> Peltor jack female
Blue --> Offroad plug male

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